NEBULA is a complete system of monolithic glass partition walls, designed to realize the best solution for your ambients by taking into account functional, practical, aesthetic, comfort, privacy and luminosity aspects.

Elegant glass walls compone the spaces in a balance of large transparent customizable ambients.
The essential lines of design and adaptability chaacrteristic of the product resulting in greater freedom of design to create comfortable, funcional and versatile workplaces.
The amplitude of the crystal and the essentiality of the metal are traslated into brightness, elegance and hospitality of the spaces...
The enhancement of the architectural choices, and design amplification through the glass partition...
The harmony of defining rooms through the partition that does not divide but unites...
The elegance of sobriety and strenght of solidity...


NEBULA is a complete system of monolithic glass partition walls, made of aluminum alloy extruded profiles and stratified safety glass (55.1), with compensation profiles for fixing to the wall and to the ceiling.

The wall can be totally framed, or without vertical aluminium profiles but with polished edges glass.
The system is completed by a wide variety of doors, which can be glassed or wood pannelled, with the possibility to choose the hinged opening the pivotted opening or the sliding opening.
The aluminium profiles that characterize NEBULA have been designed to allow maximum flexibility in the installation, thus allowing to adapt perfectly to the spaces to be divided even if these are present within architectural and structural elements.
We have also the possibility of providing the aluminium with custom finishes such as polishing, the sublimated wood effect and special oxidations.
The glazing used in the fixed parts of the wall are stratified 55.1, although we can install glass or panels with thicknesses up to 18 mm, the framed doors have tempered glass 8 mm while the glass doors with polished edges are 10 mm.
We can provide the glazing in many finishes to match any type of architectural solution, such as screen printing, the painted glass, the colored PVB glass and many more.
The hinged doors have the frame of the same size and with the same look of the wall frame.
In our catalog are several models of hinged door, have the door "FRAMED STANDARD" which is framed with framed glass, the door "FRAMED CLEAR EDGE" which is framed with glass door with polished edges, the door "FRAMELESS" which is frameless glass door with polished edge, the pivotted door "CLEAR EDGE" that has polished edge glass and can be opened on one or both sides, and also the paneled door "WOOD" that is framed with laminate or veneer.
The sliding doors have a sliding guide perfectly integrated into the upper frame of the wall.
We can provide different models of sliding door, we have the "STANDARD" door which has framed glass, the door "CLEAR EDGE" which the polished edges glass, and the paneled door "WOOD" which has the veneer or laminate panel.
We design each contract tailored to the demands and needs of the customer, offering numerous possibilities including that of creating glass-glass corners, also compensate considerable lead-out of the walls, and more generally giving the possibility to study solutions tailored to the specific needs of each customer.


NEBULA is a product of Tecnoinfissi srl company, based in Osimo near Ancona in Italy who work in the field of glass partition wall for office and household.
Our story begins in 1976 at the initiative of Catena Giuseppe, who is now the administrator of the company, he and a partner opened a small craft business, a few years later in 1988 Catena Giuseppe founded the Tecnoinfissi, a sole proprietorship that dealt with processing of aluminum and other metals.
After many years of activity and achievements, during which the company has been growing, the Tecnoinfissi in 2004 was transformed into srl and a little later in 2005 began to operate in the field of glass partition wall, by exploiting all its know-how on the aluminum processing and applications of glass.
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NEBULA is a TECNOINFISSI s.r.l. trademark
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